N/REf : Homologation Tenue et Sous-cuirasse d`escrime de la société Jian Li

Object : Homologations Jian Li : Uniform and Protection / Tenue et Cuirasse

Destinataire : Mr Zheng Ming

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Tel: +86 53565833 Fax: +86 21 63830820 Mobile phone : 13916514935

email :  jianlisport@yahoo.com.cn

CC : M. le Président de la FIE Fax: +33 1 40 76 05 40; FIE Lausanne +41 21 320 31 16 ;


References EC Examination reports CRITT :

Nº 0501/162/0207/018A – Fencing Protection / protection /

Nº 0501/162/0207/019A – Fencing Jacket / veste

Nº 0501/161/0207/020A – Breeches / pantalon


FIE Certification -Homologation veste, pantalon et cuirasse 800 newton

Approval of 800 newton Jacket, Breeches and inner Protection

Dear Sirs


After the tests carried out by the SEMI on the samples received in August 2007, and after a positive analysis of the CRITT reports dated February 2007 (received by the SEMI in August 2007),we are pleased to inform you that : 

The Jian Li Jacket, Breehes and inner Protection are according with the FIE rules and the European Norm EN13567.


You are from now authorised to produce the Jian Li 800 NW Jacket and Breeches and 800 NW inner-Protections, and to use the CE and the FIE stamp together with the mark Jian Li.

All the units of equipment of your production must be in accordance with the samples that you presented to the CRITT and to the SEMI.

You must mark your FIE  approved equipment above mentioned with the year 2007. Only the equipment from Jian Li with the year 2007 and after stamped in the label of quality will be accepted at FIE`s weapons checks (e.g. 2006 will not be accepted).


For future approval follow the FIE rules and we ask you to pay specially attention to the following reccomendations, from the material rules :

The SEMI must be informed of any modification whatsoever that has the effect of causing a non-conformity to the samples provided for the original homologation.

The manufacturer must wait for a written confirmation of the SEMI Commission’s agreement to the proposed modification before launching the new production.

FIE is a registered trademark. The fact that a piece of equipment carries the FIE emblem attests that the latter has been manufactured in accordance with the prescriptions of the Safety Norms (the European norms) and the Rules of the FIE.


Lisboa, 27 August 2007

Eng. José Eduardo Correia Dos Santos
Président de la Commission SEMI